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Top recipients of Cyprus Citizenship in 2017

According to Eurostat’s latest publication regarding Cyprus Citizenship, Cyprus granted a total of 5,517 citizenships to 1,315 Russians, 502 Britons and 481 Ukrainians, during the year 2017.

Eurostat’s report shows that there is constant increase in the number of citizenships granted by Cyprus, rising from 2,314 in the year 2012 to 5,517 in the year 2017.

The report also names the top 3 recipient countries of Cypriot citizenship with Russia overtaking Greece in 2014 and remaining the biggest recipient since then.

Moreover, during the year 2017, Eurostat recorded 825,000 people who acquired a citizenship of a Member State in the European Union, the majority of whom acquired a citizenship from Italy (18%), followed up by United Kingdom (15%), Germany (14%), France (14%), Sweden (8) and Spain (8%).

The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program offers the most simple and efficient means of obtaining a Cyprus citizenship, which provides full European Union rights, including the ability to live and work in any European Union country.

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